CIMC 2018 Marketing Conference

User Experience Design

Project Background

CIMC is Western Canada’s largest digital marketing conference and the hub for innovation in the digital space. CIMC is brings together marketing pioneers from globally-recognized brands to offer their knowledge and expertise on taking on the digital marketing landscape.

The Solution

The goal of this project was to update the previous years website based on key learnings, user feedback and to accommodate updates in business objectives and goals. The existing site was difficult to navigate and the content no longer accurately represented the conference. Storytelling and information architecture strategies were identified to provide deeper, more meaningful content relationships.

I was responsible for the information architecture, and the overall user experience of the website. This included user research, information architecture and medium-fidelity wireframes.


I worked in tandem with a digital strategist to hash out the overall structure and navigation patterns of the site. I then drew up the product’s blueprints, or wireframes to illustrate the overall layout of the product interface.