Smart Savvy Academy

User Experience Design

Company Background

Smart Savvy is a unique recruitment agency that specializes in marketing, communications, and sales roles. They work with businesses and job seekers, helping companies find the perfect fit for their teams. They now offer training development options for businesses looking to level up their internal employees, through the Smart Savvy Academy.

Project Objectives

Smart Savvy came to Forge & Smith ready to launch a new and extension of their business — the Smart Savvy Academy. They needed a website to get the word out, and to establish trust and credibility in their new venture. Our goal was to drive awareness, reach, and conversions through branded storytelling and an easy-to-navigate web design.

I was responsible for the information architecture, and the overall user experience of the website. This included user research, information architecture, medium-fidelity wireframes and an interactive prototype.


After a team workshop with the key stakeholders, I worked closely with the client and content strategist to develop the information architecture, flow, and content considerations for the website.

Wireframes & Prototype

After iterations and final approval on the sitemap, I moved on to build out wireframes that focused on a highly intuitive site structure that would be user-friendly for business leaders looking to accelerate performance within their teams.

Final Solution

I worked closely with the UI Designer and Development team to ensure the user needs and motivations were considered throughout the entire process of the website production.

The new Smart Savvy Academy website is a testament to their brand’s authority and credibility, with a polished look and feel befitting their specialized professional services. The site structure and straightforward navigation facilitate a smooth journey through all of the Academy’s workshops, corporate programs, and other essential resources.