Sue Hollis Website

UX Strategy and Design

Project Background

Sue Hollis is a Vancouver based author, life coach, and entrepreneur. She provides one-on-one coaching and motivational public speaking, and recently wrote a book about her self-discovery journey across North America on a motorcycle.

With the publication and promotion of Sue’s book and her business as a life coach, she needed a professional website to focus and amplify her marketing efforts, and to drive leads.

Project Goals

To establish brand equity and online reach through branded storytelling, ensure site architecture and navigation enable easy browsing and a frictionless experience, ensure site conversion of users into contacts and ultimately clients and implement a search friendly and socially-focused blog to drive list building initiatives.

My Role & Process

I was the UX strategist and Designer on the Sue Hollis website project, and worked in close collaboration with the UI Designer throughout the entire design process. I balanced the business and user goals while ensuring the UX flow was as frictionless as possible.


I worked closely with the client and content strategist to ensure the content hierarchy was meeting user and business goals, and the user flow throughout the website was seamless and intuitive.

Wireframes & Prototype

My goal was to design an intuitive website with a strong content strategy to support current and future digital marketing activities. The key objective was to ensure a seamless user flow, highlight important on page content, and highlight the new blog to drive visitors to book a consultation or connect with Sue about other opportunities.

Outcomes, Impact and Next Steps

The new Sue Hollis website immediately connects with visitors, inviting them into her story and her business. The blog provides a social space for her brand storytelling and thought leadership. The site functions as both a promotional asset for her work and as a lead generation tool for her business.