Titan York Website

User Experience Design

Project Background

Titan York is a tenant representation firm. They understand the importance of having a space that provides comfort and ease for their clients, and wanted a new website to reflect these values.

The Solution

The goal of this project was to provide a professional, credible online presence to back up their personal relationships within their community. The project began with competitive research and stakeholder interviews to understand how users would view, consume and convert through the website redesign. Our findings helped create a user-focused website that has the potential to grow as the company continues to do so too.

I was responsible for the UX Design of the website. This included user research, information architecture and medium-fidelity wireframes.


After the key stakeholder interviews were conducted, I worked in tandem with the UI Designer to hash out the overall structure and navigation patterns of the site. I then drew up the product’s blueprints, or wireframes to illustrate the overall layout of the product interface.